What a glorious season and so many blessings to the ranch.  Ari and Emma as you see here are frequent visitors.  BUT soon the ranch will have its very own Frenchie!.. We are very excited to welcome this new addition and all the critters will be excited too!.. We continue to welcome friends with horse riding, hanging out with the animals and enjoying the bon fires and simple life of the ranch.  God has blessed this ranch and I feel so overwhelmed with the love that this ranch continues to share and bring joy to others.  Faith Hope Love Ranch IS becoming the vision I had seen.  AND I cannot thank my friends and family that stuck by my "CRAZY" dream.. Along with the good Lord that continues to guide me.  GOD Bless and MERRY CHRISTMAS.. 

Hello :)  SORRY ITS been so long.. Lots happening and the ranch has continued to prosper.... We've had some heartache, loss  and sadness along the way but its time we get back on the JOY WAGON!  :)  LOADS happening with the continued upgrades on the ranch and our animals prospering.... We've taken on a few more rescues which have added to the joy of the ranch setting.  AS some know we have struggled with true sadness from disheartening  comments and disloyal so called friends.  I take full responsibility for this as I allowed them  in my life that did not have the best interest of this ranch.. others followed with  miss guided direction.  They are not welcome nor are any that follow such misguided  views...... With that said moving forward................All the animals are happy and at piece.. we donated one of the horses to a family that was in need for heart healing.... she will be coming back this week as it did not work out.  I am heartsick for the horse we donated as these things I do not take lightly and she is very sensitive.  I must rethink these things more closely ... IT is not fair to the animal and I won't subject them to unneeded stress.  I've sold out cattle all but one little heifer.. she is quite cute and carries the brindle gene..... I've not advertised and never have.. BUT she is available at 7 months old.... The remodel is done and moving on to updating the barn and other facilities... Just a quick note!  THANKS for the read! :)
First I want to apologize for those that have followed the remodel.. I have removed the link to the photos and updates as continued "Lurkers" frequent.. SO those that visit FB and can visit in person are always welcome!.. LOADS loads happening!!! ALL with great smiles and GIFTS from God.. The ducklings are ready to transfer to the pond and the Chicken Palace is well just that!.. SO exciting.. We've got riders coming in for the horses and MANY many blessings with visitations to the ranch.. Faith Hope Love Ranch is BLOSSOMING..  Photos coming soon! 
The Ranch welcomes a new TINY little bundle this morning.. Welcome to our newest little heifer "Hazel Nut".. Strong, healthy and frisky!

Hazel has had a ruff go.. BUT now at the barn she is starting to thrive.  She is bridling out which is so fun to see and is super sweet.. Did not want to get attached with her prior issues but she is now thriving :)  
Even though the house is not finished and I'm living in the horse trailer GOOD times are still abound!.. Welcome Randy and Karen along with their little city pup Raven for the week-end.  We enjoyed walks in FHL Dog park, she fit right in enjoying rolls in the manure! , tour of Sisters Or, BBQs, Bon fires and RANCH chores .  Eating on paper plates and camping out..   Oh and did I mention Wine?  Below is a few photos from the past week-end.. Blessed to have such amazing friends!  
New Baby of 2015  Maggie gave birth to a beautiful bull calf March 5 aprox 7pm.. Welcome lil Licorice.. !  LOVE this cow.. She has the most amazing babies!  





MORE amazing weather.... Although much colder than it has been still in the upper 40s.. BLUE skies!... Continued clean up at the ranch and GOOD times!... Blessings
I have opted out of social media  - FB  in particular for validated reasons over and over again.  FB sees but a short small example of what transpires in a day.  YES I shall miss reading the many posts from various friends and family and have enjoyed posts over the years from all of you.   I am excited to continue moving forward .    What is transpiring is very exciting and I look forward to sharing it with my close friends and family.   Thank you my dear friends for respecting my need to become more private in my daily interactions.  I appreciate each and every one of you and the support I have had.  "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." Proverbs 17:17 
Life continues to throw the curve ball at all of us!.. Take with it what makes your life better :) and leave the rest behind..   Heres a few shots of the critters this week.  I made a hard decision and sold Onyx today.  He went to a wonderful home.  Life at the ranch.. ;)  

The past year has had some pretty weird encounters.  Relationships with people can be so one sided. then other things come into play.. I find it hard to understand people LIVING thru FB and sites that are not real relationship yet they treat it as if it is LIFE. I truly love my FB family yet I know that we all have lives and that FB is but a small little part of it.    Recently I was for lack of a better word BASHED for allowing people in my life.. I am that kind of person.. One that trusts and gives... Finding out there are a lot of people that take advantage of that. I was with a truly amazing man for 22 years who is very trustworthy and was and IS my rock.  We parted ways yet are still amazing friends.  TO be accused in such a way that I have a "pattern" and DESERVE to be taken is ridiculous... I did not choose any of what transpired from my animals being abused by people I trusted to being stole from, house broke into  and lied to.  I simply trusted... ALSO wanting to trust in someone that truly did not have the heart nor time to give to another person as they are still trying to fix themselves... When someone tries to bring you down it is a sign of their own misfortune and sadness.... I,  at first tried to protect myself yet reality is there is nothing to protect.  I live my life with integrity and honor.. Love others and in doing so have had some pretty horrible experiences.  I did not cause them.  YES I allowed it in my life.  AND no I am not sorry....... I learned a lesson each and every time.. I still will continue to be me.   THIS last bashing was the best in hearing someone state they know the world thru "date line"other shows and Social media.... It is a sad sad world for some people and I will continue to pray for them to find TRUE life.. NOT thru social media..BUT LIFE 
Matthew 7:12 - Do to others as you would have them do to you