Hello :)  SORRY ITS been so long.. Lots happening and the ranch has continued to prosper.... We've had some heartache, loss  and sadness along the way but its time we get back on the JOY WAGON!  :)  LOADS happening with the continued upgrades on the ranch and our animals prospering.... We've taken on a few more rescues which have added to the joy of the ranch setting.  AS some know we have struggled with true sadness from disheartening  comments and disloyal so called friends.  I take full responsibility for this as I allowed them  in my life that did not have the best interest of this ranch.. others followed with  miss guided direction.  They are not welcome nor are any that follow such misguided  views...... With that said moving forward................All the animals are happy and at piece.. we donated one of the horses to a family that was in need for heart healing.... she will be coming back this week as it did not work out.  I am heartsick for the horse we donated as these things I do not take lightly and she is very sensitive.  I must rethink these things more closely ... IT is not fair to the animal and I won't subject them to unneeded stress.  I've sold out cattle all but one little heifer.. she is quite cute and carries the brindle gene..... I've not advertised and never have.. BUT she is available at 7 months old.... The remodel is done and moving on to updating the barn and other facilities... Just a quick note!  THANKS for the read! :)


05/02/2016 12:07am

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