Many things have transpired in the past two months.. ONE of the saddest was the passing of our beloved Bulldog Doc due to heart failure.  Ending 2014 on Dec 27th with ONE last punch...... I will make a blog posting at a later date for Docs memorial.  Been dealing with LOADS as life gives us those to carry... YET dug myself out of 2014 with an amazing start to 2015!! GOD is so good :)  With several set backs in the remodel process we are finally back up and running!  Will reopen the remodel web page soon.  For now here is a few photos of progress!  The weather here has been amazing in the 60s!  allowing loads of ranch work to get finished with the help of amazing friends... So very blessed :) THANK you to the many that believe in me and have stood by me during the trials of 2014... SO excited for what God has planned in 2015!!!  LETS DO THIS!! :)  


01/30/2015 12:14pm

so much progress all for the better...good to see the house representing you and all that you love :)

07/17/2017 5:57am

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12/26/2016 5:57am

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01/03/2017 9:15pm

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