It is with a heavy heart I share that Lil Bug has passed away.  His short time here he was loved more than any little calf could hope for.  Not only by me but by the canine crew, especially Luke and people near and far.  We rallied together in prayers for this little guy but it was not Gods plan.  
Born premature and obviously with health issues to the human eye was unable to see his mother rejected him.  I took him into the Vet that first day.  They could not register a body temp.   He was giving several supplements, colostrum and fluids.  

Sent home he moved into the apartment with me and my dogs.  It was by the next day I had his temp back up and he rallied to a little calf that acted about the age of a 1 hour hold, not a 24 hour old.  I was thrilled with the progress! His first Moo, first steps, bright eyed and seemed to be making progress.  But by early morning of the 12th (day three) he was again lethargic and unresponsive.  

Another trip to the vets.   The prognosis was not good but I had to retain hope and give him every chance.  He was again given several boosters, fluids and sent home.  This time he did not rally back.. I slowly watched him decline until he could no longer stand with assistance nor hold his head up.  He stopped nursing and I was using every trick in the book to get fluids in him.  I stayed awake most of the night friday night.  For those that do not know Preemie calf care,  it requires hourly feeding and depending on the other issues moving them and massage to keep their systems working.  Lil Bugs lungs had not fully developed nor his muscular structure.  His breathing was labored and increasingly becoming harder and harder for him to breath.  

AS night time came the same routine. Bug lay by my bed. Set my alarm just in case I fell asleep.  every 1 1/2 hours.  I had dozed off sometime around 2:30 and was awakened by something at 3am.  I did not hear Lil Bug breathing and when I sat up I saw a calf and my brain told me wow Lil Bug is up but yet the image was not right.. I rubbed my eyes and it disappeared.  It had been a little calf about the same size with a white forehead hovering above Lil Bug.  A dream?  OR an angel coming for him?  I believe the later.  

I stayed up with him the remainder of the time.. Bringing him into the living room, trying to get him up, trying to get fluids in him.. I lay him back by the bed and thought I would just rest my head.. That is when he started Mooing over and over.  It was just shy of 6:30. So I got out of bed and lay on the floor next to him.. He seemed to calm.  At 6:41 he stopped breathing and I administered CPR.  His heart still strongly beating.   The angel had come for him.  Had given me a few more hours with him but it was time for him to go.  At 6:44 his heart stopped beating.  As I held that tiny calf on my bed in my arms, surrounded by 6 beautiful dogs that also dearly loved him.  I wept over a little calf that stole my heart,  and thanked God for giving me three amazing days.   Thank you my good friends Rob and Jennifer Stewart from coming out and helping me show Jasmine her baby.  She has closure now.   she sniffed for a few minutes and walked away.  And helping me lay Lil Bug to rest.   Jasmine the cow(momma) is doing better today with her booster.   

I will always remember his little cowlick above his left eye.. His perfect part down the middle of his face.  Another cowlick on his right shoulder.  His Mooo, I shall never forget his voice.  His RALLY day where he was whole.  I believe God gave ME that day not him.. So that I would be able to handle losing him.  He was never mine to lose.  He belongs to God. I will not be posting the videos or photos of the past 12 hours as I would prefer all of you to remember him on that RALLY day not the sadness of watching him decline.    

Goodbye 962 - my LIL Bug… I know you will be watching over the new little babies that are due on the ranch.  
Your human Mommy who shall never forget you

Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.
Luke 3:6 And all flesh shall see the salvation of God.
Ecclesiastes 12:7 And the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it



12/13/2014 2:24pm

I shall forever remember our adventure together and that trip in the truck. It still brings a smile to my face. He will be missed but I know he is in good company in heaven, with not a single worry. So sorry for you and Jasmine's loss. Give a hug to nurse Luke as well.

12/15/2014 6:00pm

Thank you Tiff for being here for me.. AS ALWAYS.. YOU are an amazing friend with a giving heart.. And I love you ... I too will always remember our truck ride.. AND lil Bug releasing on you!. LOL. HIS system working! WHO gets joy when you get pee'ed on.. ? WE do!

12/13/2014 2:39pm

So sorry Deb you gave your all and lil Bug knew that and his Angel came and said its time, he is whole and healthy and running with the rest of the heavenly herd. bless you for all you do for all your fur babies

12/15/2014 6:02pm

Thank you Joyce.. AND thank you for always being here for me with my questions and concerns.. AND your prayers.. YOU are an amazing friend from afar and I am so thankful I got to meet you in person.. Looking forward to when we meet again

12/13/2014 2:54pm

Oh Deb, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart just aches with yours, he was just so sweet. I know Brutus will greet him at the Bridge. Who knows, maybe Brutus was asking Jesus for a pet Steak for Christmas so he could chase him around????!!!!!! Please give little Luke a hug from me, I still can't believe that little sweet dog was ever not wanted, but glad he found you so we could watch him flourish as well. I'm not gonna tell you to hug Jasmine for me though. May God Bless all the furry kids at the Ranch - and you as well! Love ya!

12/15/2014 6:04pm

Thank you Judy.. I so hope Brutus and Lil Bug enjoy some romps in heaven!! I truly miss Brutus.. Luke is pretty amazing and his purpose at the ranch is caregiver. HE was meant to be.. A little dog dumped at the pound.. I did not hug Jasmine but did give her some pats and with tears told her how I wished things would have been different. Thank you for your prayers and blessings...

12/13/2014 10:37pm

Deb. I'm soo sad. Lil Bug is gone but God Bless you my friend for being right there for him. I prayed so hard for God to heal him. I'm just so sad.... I know you are too. Hugs.

12/15/2014 6:06pm

Thank you Crystal.. Yes many tears yet also joy because I had this time with such a beautiful gift. Thank you for your prayers and they have been answered.. Lil Bug is with Jesus where he was needed and he gave me more than I could ever give back.


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