Morning of December 10th started out like all other mornings with heading out to the barn to feed the various critters at the ranch.  Upon throwing hay to the Longhorn crew I noticed one missing.  To be seen no where.  This always a sign of either something very bad(death, escape or injury) or something very good (a new calf).  As I start out across the pasture on foot to see where the missing cow is she appears out of the trees.  Jasmine casually walks by me toward the hay, her udder full of milk..  Two indications there is a calf laying in those trees.  AND sure enough - behold a tiny little colorful bull calf.   First bad sign, Momma shows no interest at all that I'm even there.   Second is the calf is not moving laying lifeless.  Although completely clean from Momma licking, he shows no sign of lifting his head or other.  Guessing around an hour and a half to two hours old upon me finding him.  Mom could care less and continues onward to the hay.  I swoop up the little guy who is very small and carry him into the barn for further assessment.  He shows no sign of wanting to lift his head and no movement in his legs.  I quickly fill a bottle with powder colostrum (the only thing I had on hand) and proceed to try and get him to suckle.  He would but only a couple suckles and then stop.. I managed to get about 4 oz of colostrum into him and let him rest in the stall.. Meanwhile Winston the pig and Love the lamb are banging in curiosity on the door.  He is alert but I can tell his motor skills are not active as they should be.  Luke the worried nurse dog is licking and whining in worry.  I have workers at the house so I take him to the remodel to meet them.  A nice little break for everyone.  Nothing makes you smile more than a new born baby right?  Well that visit hooked my contractor and the little bug was sold!.. He helped me take him back out to pasture to his momma.. But after close observation for 2 hours it was clear she had no interest in the calf.  He was increasingly getting colder and colder and had not moved at all from where we placed him two hours prior.  I could not stand it anymore and took it upon myself to remove him and bring him back into the barn.  I managed to get his momma also separated from the herd and in the barn area yet she still refused to pay any attention to her calf as I watched helplessly for another hour.  Enough....... When my wonderful friend Tiffany arrived after spending about 30 minutes with the calf we decided that for fear he would not make it thru the night to take him to the Vets.  IT was a wise choice for when we arrived he did not have a temp that registered.. They immediately put him under heat blankets and gave him IV fluids... The Vet tubed Colostrum in him and also injected another booster.  We spent 2 1/2 hours at the vets trying to raise his temperature.  The Vet tech took photos of him so excited and loved him.. stated she'd never had a calf patient before.    They never could get his temperature up.. He was still pretty much lifeless like a rag doll but I knew we had done everything we could do..... I brought him home upon which during the travels he released some of that fluid on my dear friend in the truck seat .. again.. Have I said what an amazing friend she is?? THANK you Tiffany..   I brought him into the apartment and placed him by the heater again wrapping him up.. Luke by his side the entire time.  I did not sleep much last night for fear I would lose him during the night.. In reality thru prayers I had released his outcome to God and was at peace no matter what I awoke to in the morning.  Luke continued to lay with him.. Clean him and alert me if he felt there was an issue.  What an amazing little rescue dog someone else threw away .    The calf does not have a name but I call him my Little Bug.. Not sure why.. Just makes me smile ;)  I checked him several times throughout the night as he lay next to my bed.  At 6:14 AM this morning I helped him to his feet as I had tried several times throughout the prior day and night only to have limp legs.... BUT not this morning.. HE stood for the very first time and took one step!  I was thrilled like a new mom when your child gets an A plus !  At 7AM I moved him into the kitchen where I have a larger rug he can stand on.  

This truly was not my plan for this week as I have so many things I need to get done with the remodel, Christmas and other.. HOWEVER this is one of the most important things and the reason I do what I do.  I'm tired tonight and tonight will be a long haul with feedings every couple of hours.. BUT its so worth it.. This little bug pulled thru the first 24 hours and I aim to see that he grows big and strong!.. He has the most amazing eye lashes almost 2" long.. A swirl (cowlick above his left eye) and a part straight down the middle of his forehead.  Those eyes.. Oh those eyes!.. And curly little forehead.. When calfs are born did you know their hooves are soft and squishy but quickly harden?  His are still a little squishy I think due to his premature status.  Also his muscles in his legs are not fully developed causing his issues of not being able to get up on his own and move around like a full term calf.  He is beautifully formed in composition taking after his daddy.  

I have Ari and Doc this week so all of the dogs are excited to have a roommate.  Ari was a bit unsure at first but followed Lukes lead and now loves him!  AGAIN I cannot say enough about Luke.. He has helped me tremendously by keeping the calf alert and sticking by his side.. The calf now looks for look when he is not near.. Its very cute.!  He's not intaking as much milk as I would like but at least he is taking in some.. about 3 OZ every hour and a half and seems to be increasing as he learns to suckle.  My plan is to reintroduce him to Momma but that cannot be done until we get him stronger, able to get up on his own and get his body temperature stabilized... Enough said.. Heres a video of my little BUGS first 36 hours of life ... Enjoy... 


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Yes, this is a very important thing you needed to do) The video is sweet!

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That was the real suprise)) And thanks for this video! What a cuteness!

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This video made me cry. So sweet. Birth is the most awesome thing in the world!


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