What a whirlwind of the past few weeks..FREEZING rain, Snow, Melt and MUD... I had the opportunity to travel to the valley over Thanksgiving to spend time with THE kid, Todd and several REED kids. ALSO got to do a little Christmas cheer with my Daughter Courtney always fun!! Then Lunch with old friends from school downtown with lots to catch up on!......   A super GREAT time with GREAT company.. Came home for a couple days then off again to Portland for a Christmas party with a friend from my past, Christmas shopping and some down time with Todds Mom, Gram and Aunt. Sleeping in till 10am is SUPER amazing!  With zero stress and worry.  Then back home to reality!  ;)  The main house almost looks like a house with the texturing of the walls coming along.  I've deleted the remodel page after rumors abound of untruth from ill intended and then several messages from TRUE friends worried .. Simply have to shake my head..Choices had been made, things said, not said, things done and not done.  OVER. Thankfully it was best :)    Enuf said - Lets just say the remodel is progressing and I'm so looking forward to the Open House  party!  So dearest friends rest assured all is well at Faith Hope Love Ranch :)  ESPECIALLY now!  ANIMALS are fat and sassy, remodel is moving along, AND the best... I'm the happiest I've ever been!.. GOD is so so GOOD.... Thank you family and loyal friends ... I could not be here without you!  Heres a few photos from the past couple of week :)   BLESSINGS


susan fermenich
12/09/2014 11:05pm


08/02/2017 12:51am

Seeing your Christmas photos makes me miss my family so much! I am currently abroad today and it will be the first time that I am celebrating Christmas without my family. I'm already feeling homesick even though Christmas is still a few months away. I got used to waiting up during Christmas eve with my family. I remember when we would always look forward to gathering in front of the Christmas tree and listening to my grandfather tell us Christmas stories. It was the best thing ever because we get to bond with each other.

12/10/2014 5:54am

Hi lady, I'm so thankful to read that your life is happy, full and faithful. You are such a special person and deserve only the best. Merry Christmas to you and your furkids.

09/04/2016 9:59am

I hope you had a great time with your daughter on Christmas eve and it is always fun to meet old friends and celebrating with them will makes us to feel happy and will be relaxed also. Forgetting all the work tensions and enjoying that day to the fullest will gives us such a joy of life time.

01/02/2017 9:53pm

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