Meet Sushi the newest addition to Faith Hope Love Ranch.  She's 9 months old and came from a hoarding situation in LaPine Oregon where 25 cats had been left under a house when it went into foreclosure and the owner was sent to prison for various other charges.  She was found with several adults, and kittens.  Little Sushi was but a small kitten at the time.  Very shy she seemed to want human interaction but was fearful.. It took less than 4 hours to coax her into laying on the couch with me purring and batting her paws.  

She lived from February (VERY cold months in LaPine) Thru the summer (VERY hot) feral.   She arrived at Craft cat rescue in September where I saw her photograph and knew I had to go get her.  VERY fearful and hiding on a top shelf it took us over 45 minutes to find her in two small rooms.  There are many cats there and they all wanted attention.. Sushi was one of the few that wanted to hide and basically be invisible.  Nope, I want that one.. :) 

 It was a difficult decision for me to bring home another house kitty after losing Ruby,  another rescue I had  during the move last year.  She slipped out thru a door while I had several people at the house never to be seen again.  Was tragic and very sad as she was an amazing beautiful and loving kitty.  
Sushi was named from a friend of mine who over the past few months to cheer me up takes me out to Sushi once a month after some less than stellar events took place in my personal life.. Seemed very fitting to name this little new rescue Sushi.  AS my Sushi dates saved me as well...  

 She is cute as can be with a nub of a tail.. I had lost my 17 year old Manx cat two years ago as he died at home with me from old age. A beautiful full black cat..    Ruby was a Tortie Persian.  This little girl is a Persian Manx mix.. The combo of my two from years past...I knew I had to have her.! Please help me welcome beautiful Sushi to her new home at FHL Ranch!  Where she will be an indoor kitty with supervised visits to the outside.  



Marie Timm
10/26/2014 10:01am

I am looking forward to meeting her! I miss my black and white tuxedo kitty. Can't have cats in my house though or I would get one too.

01/19/2017 1:11am

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08/06/2017 8:43pm

Your heart is so kind! I wish all animals to have their own family which will love them much!


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