This AMAZING weather has been such a blessing.... 84 degrees today unheard of for October in Central Oregon.. All the rest of the week expecting more which is giving me time to catch up from my "down" time. Preparing for the winter coming.. Today I moved panels, firewood, built shelter areas and gave baths to several of the critters... I'm exhausted to say the least.. The goats oh so adorable and loving are a constant pain when trying to feed or do anything in the barn area.. They escape, eat others grain, destroy bales, jump in rigs, and are at my feet when I try to do anything... LOVE them as they are so sweet yet annoying........ Today I spent most of the day building a GOAT pen..... We'll see if they are still in it come morning.. Somehow I doubt it.  I've had other stresses not worth mentioning but today was physical with moving panels and rock.. building wire on fences and trying to get ready for winter.  YES my plans had been different and NO I had no control over how things fell.... SO here I am preparing once again on my own.. Heres a few shots from today.... Enjoy.. I'm very blessed with my life and the critters under my care :)


Marie Timm
10/06/2014 10:09pm

nice work on everything! hope it makes you sleep well!


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09/06/2017 10:30am

Your ranch is pretty big. It's okay that you've had a busy Fall season. I can understand that.


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