This week was a pretty filled up emotional crazy week.. Finished up the ending of a relationship with donating a vehicle to a family in need(such amazing things come out of our heartache thru God.  Helping a family) GOD only does good.. The bad is what we endure living thru it for Gods true purpose.  The mobil slaughter truck came and quickly, humanely took those intended for the freezer.. I know some of you do not agree with this, however having a working cattle ranch in order to stay in business their are sacrifices .  AND each and every animal here is treated with the most respect and kindness.  If you think I don't cry your wrong.  My animals are all treated the same.. Kindness and dignity.... Daphne got hooked under the arm pit by someone so I had to doctor that up as best I could before she thrust her horns at me.. Next there was separation of babies.. OH my did this cause an uproar.!  AND moving on to separating THREE that had been sold into a holding pen.  This in itself was quite the task..Could not do this on horseback because I needed to also close gates and herd them... Doing this solo is quite exciting and I can honestly say I know I can accomplish this simply because God has my back.  OH I did get a few injuries in the process but GOT R DUN!.... One bull loaded tonight and the two cows depart in the morning.  I'm happy to say I've accomplished my goal of downsizing so on to the next phase of strategy for my goals :)  Had a GREAT evening catching up with Tiffany F.. and always a good time with Tiffany and Kenny!  :)  Heres a few pics from the evening.. Always a good time at FHL Ranch :)


09/12/2014 10:59pm

Good times as always...Cheesburger is happily munching grass in his new pasture.

02/13/2017 1:52am

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08/31/2017 8:47pm

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