Every morning at the ranch you just never know what your going to wake up to.. Be it horses or cattle loose in the front yard. Goats on top of cars, someone hung up in wire or twine (yes you can scour the property for things they can hurt themselves on.. They will still find it).... Chickens loose, Water troughs knocked over, Someone else's cattle in the yard and the list goes on and on.. BUT the most joyous is simply waking up walking out and having your herd come running to you :) Heres a few snap shots from this morning.  Pretty easy morning today.. Beautiful sunny skies, a bit cooler and everyone happy!.. Have a glorious day friends.


10/07/2016 1:06am

Today morning, I felt pleasing and happy when I reach to this simple ranch. You have capture a cute relation of a mother cow with its kid. Thank you for such a beautiful post.


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06/22/2017 12:28pm

Do you like your lifestyle? I guess it's pretty cool to live on the ranch. I want to visit this place someday.

07/08/2017 2:18am

I like the thing you have said about your herds running to you in the morning. For me, I will define that in discipleship and the whole entire thing you have shared. The animals who go to places or pursue things even that it might hurt them are us. People do so. We often wander in life and do things either for God's glory or for your own pleasure. But one thing in their, once we have heard the voice of the shepherd, even from wherever we may from, either at the top of the card, wires or something, we will go near Him. That is the power of Jesus, once He called you, you have no choice but to follow. Because your heart says so.


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