Coming up on two years ago I visited the humane society to look for another herding dog.. There had been one I was interested in yet they would not release it because of aggression issues.  Sadly that dog was humanely euthanized the next day.  I still wish they would have let me take him and see but it was not in my destiny.  INSTEAD there was this chunky monkey who I left that night and frantically called my rescue friends.  In search of if I pulled him out rehoming him.. I did not need a Doxie?.. Within hours I had two homes interested and all I needed was transport and in home visits to see who was the best candidate.  SO away I went in the morning picking up Lucas Von Perdy (AKC papered no doubt and dumped at the shelter obese at 8 years old).  My guess is his prior owner had passed away and the kids did not know what to do with this little obese dog.  When I picked him up it was evident he LOVED car rides.  Got him home it was evident he knew nothing of what dog food was.. It was three days before I could get him to eat.  He was very excited every time I went to the kitchen and very disappointed when I did not share my meal with him. It was less than 24 hours I knew I could not give him up and made the call to the very disappointed adopter's. He had stole my heart during that very brief encounter.  It was very obvious his prior owner loved him deeply ..  He has never again howled like he did in the video that day I met him..   We are coming up on two years and Luke will be 10 this year.  He's lost I think as much as he's going to.  I've checked his thyroid(ACTUALLY Todd took him in and had it checked so cute!).   He is very active at the ranch and his intake is monitored.  This week I am going on a much needed camping trip to Prineville Reservoir A big lake with lots of entertainment.. I at first was going to bring no one but opted to bring my senior MR Luke for maybe his first ever camping trip.. Look for an update on his adventure!  


08/13/2014 8:48am

oh I remember that chunky boys arrival, he is so much improved and doing so well.

Marie Timm
08/13/2014 6:32pm

He is indeed a wonderful soul! I remember when you asked me to go check on them all and he was the one who "told" me the most about not being fed or looked after by the guy who was supposed to be there. I think that's why Luke loves me and won't listen to Sadie when I come over.

08/18/2014 4:29pm

I've had so many failures and lack of love/respect for my animals, ranch and myself in the past two years. Its very disheartening Marie because the animals do not have a choice. Being locked up in a garage by one person I trusted.... Being left all day without food water... again by someone I thought i trusted .. Being stolen from by others.. and again lack of responsibility by not watering nor feeding. Very simple tasks.. THAT are paid for to do either monitory or trade for room and board. I GET it they are not this persons heart .. YET they step up to the plate and completely miss use trust and responsibility. I hurt for my animals when I trusting in someone and put them thru this.. They have no voice and no choice.. I'm thankful to have finally found a couple very beautiful young ladies who LOVE the animals as I do.. one of them a vet tech... How awesome is that ! :)

02/12/2016 9:28pm

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