If your following my other blog you will know I'm going thru a huge transition with lots of materials being used in this project.  Of of the items is some beautiful cedar siding with lots of scrap.. Last week I started stockpiling the scrap for art projects instead of letting it go to the burn pile.. Pieces anywhere from a foot to 4 feet in length.  Today while after being sick for three days on the couch I grabbed a piece of scrap and started painting.  This one was done with watercolors, pen and ink and stain.  It is 8 1/2" x 16".  I was fairly happy with the end product, a simple sketch during the afternoon.  :)  This is of my two clown boys Wyatt and Ari.  


Crystal hsusman
08/10/2014 6:23pm

You r absolutely one of the mist t as lented people I know. I hope you go far with this artwork its beautiful

08/11/2014 11:44am

You are oozing with talent my friend! Fantastic!


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