AND so the adventure begins! Little Harley was not amused but was a good boy.  Today he got "fixed" thanks to Powell Butte Veterinary services and I JUST love that guy!  Crazy and fun, informative and kind :)  Harley also now has a halter on, WHAT a big boy!!.  Although unsure of his new life he seems to have settled down a bit this afternoon.. Possibly humbled.. OH and MR Handsome showed up!  So he is still kicking it out by the barn so happy my Rooster now known as Mr Humble is still around.  He's a bit beat up but still kicking it!.. Today was a day of typical ranch life and why am I doing this?? Because I love it!  Thats why.. Woke up to a break away loose heifer that is already sold but escaped.. Babies crying for moms moms crying for babies one already sold and I finally kicked the other one out to go back to momma after his procedure.  The Goats and lamb are upset because the cows are upset causing beyond chaos and noise.. I'm sure my neighbors are not amused... Dogs are running like crazy as Doc and Ari are here for a couple weeks, chicken got loose but caught her.  Pond is finally filled back up after being almost completely drained.  I'm sure Finnegan and finnegan two are not amused. AND the irrigation is back on! . REDNECK crazy!.. 


09/26/2016 4:22am

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11/16/2016 9:20am

He is so cute! I want to visit your ranch if it is possible. It's my little dream.

03/11/2017 3:50am

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04/21/2017 3:05am

Oh, crying babies are always break my heart! They are so sad and sweet!

05/13/2017 7:33am

Harley is so cute! I want to visit your ranch someday and meet you there.


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07/31/2017 12:57am

A late model Harley is about on par with any of the cruisers... (larger engine sizes) than the Harleys. Honestly, the only ones who think Harleys...


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