It is with great sadness we have learned Doc has Lymphoma Cancer.  When I returned home from this past week-end I noticed a growth on his gums.  Todd took him in and they removed it and it came back positive. Doc is happy and very comfortable.. Its been a bit of a ruff year with his health learning he has an enlarged heart (now on meds for this) and now cancer.  The prognosis is keep him comfortable.. could be a few weeks/months could be a year or more.  My grumpy guy ... :(  My book end to Wyatt.... The Vet has said that it most likely has already spread and was very rapid..  Sigh.....................


Linda Lynch
08/28/2014 5:58pm

Deb, I am so sorry. Doc has had a wonderful life with you and with Todd. I know that will continue as long as he is comfortable. Our pets are part of our family. :-(


This is so heartbreaking. As a dog lover, I can't think of losing my pet and seeing him in pain. I felt really sad for Doc, how I wish God will show his miracle hands to him and free him from illness. Stay strong and thank you for loving and taking care of him not matter how hard it may take.

Robin West
08/28/2014 10:02pm

Deb, I'm so sorry to learn your beloved Doc has been diagnosed with cancer. Thank you for not insisting on heroic efforts to fight this thing with Doc already having a compromised heart. We will surround him with light and love for the remainder of his time. He will know and feel it and be comforted. You also will feel his peace. <3 Doc <3

08/29/2014 5:09am

I am sorry about Doc. I lost my beloved cat almost three years ago to Cancer. It is a horrible disease. There will come a time when you just know.


Dog has many variety and some one is special to keep n home as a pet. But we need to the proper care and e also need to the vaccine for our family. Because it also give the jams and cancer is not disease in human and now a days it also coming in dog.


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