I am getting so VERY close to  one of my passions and re entering the art world.  With the studio remodel I just look around my work stations and think "WOW".  A dream coming true.. One surpassed in all honesty.  I've always been very blessed in having the room and ability to attain supplies to create. It was a need/passion not a hobby.   As a child I watched my mother utilize what she had in order to gain a career in the art word.. transforming a garage into an art studio, teaching classes and doing art shows at local libraries working her way up into galleries and is now world known in the art industry.  I've had more ability to create and have wasted much of my time.. Not all a waste as I raised an amazing son and was a housewife for 19 years. With many changes in the past 5 plus years ITS time I start to utilize the gifts I've been given.  As an artist it was/is always hard to take compliments.  I'd always much rather have criticism on my artwork.  This video made me see all of it in an entirely different light.   Thank you God for my gifts and the love that you envelope me in.  


Marie Timm
07/26/2014 8:50pm

loved the video!


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