New this morning pasture surprise!  Little heifer calf out of Red and Cowboy.  A really nice sized BEAUTIFUL girl :)  A year ago this week-end I met up with someone from my past.. Its hard to let go of those memories when so much was planned and then tossed away.  So I will need to think of a special name for this little girl to remind me of the happy times.  Maybe "Destiny" as I know she will surely help bring joy to my life.  

Had a wonderful afternoon with Shelly out to lunch while she and daughter Taylor are in town for a horse event.  We took Jackie O out for a spin to Sisters!  Thats ALWAYS fun.. Angel the ewe is settling in and not quite so noisy today.  She's very curious but shy so I'll need to handler her a lot to bring out her personality. Now just keeping cool during these warmer summer days.  Still waiting on Lily the Longhorn but I believe she'll have that baby any day!.. 


05/22/2017 9:10am

Congratulations to new addition to your family, always good to see baby calf. Kids must be really happy with the baby girl. Thank you for sharing the information with us and keep posting such beautiful posts


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