97 Degrees today! Took a dip in the pond after all the workers left.. Chicken is on the BBQ, critters are keeping cool via the canal.. Life is good.. GOD is Great!.. As I looked around the property and headed to the pond I feel such a peace.  This place truly is blessed.  One of the reasons why I purchased it last year and have great visions for the future. This would not have been possible had I not had the forever friendship and kind heart of my sons father and ex husband of 19 years.   The journey sometimes does not always go as we plan, for it is really not our plan.. Yes goals, but our ultimate future is guided by the Lord.  Things once again went way ward in my plans for 2014 - I did not see it coming.  so I shifted gears and dedicated my time to uplifting this ranch for its future. Yup.. Not gonna lie, the last couple months quite an emotional uphill battle but I've come out of it stronger.  Not needing someone else to make me a valid person.    As a woman even today it is hard to be taken seriously at times.  You get taken advantage of, hit on, treated like you don't have a brain and don't know anything, disregarded, insulted and looked upon as some object.  These things used to really  bother me.  They don't any more because I KNOW who I AM.  Some may see me as harsh or lack of patience even a "B.." at times. Some have left my side.. Some I've booted out.   Those that know me know my past struggles and understand the strength I have had to build up to push forward in my life.  I'm still me just less to allow negative influences  in my life.  I have the "old school" mentality of a woman.. YET struggle with losing myself in that process.  I kinda like me :)  And I want to keep it that way!  Blessings 



07/08/2014 7:25pm

Oh boy that must be refreshing to have a such a blessing. I love water, just something about it and having water near by, just the sound of it brings peace, if even to stick your toes in on a hot day. Your pond is worthy of some righteous floatation devices ;)
Life is a rollercoaster and in the summer I enjoy the log ride so I can get wet :)

07/08/2014 8:27pm

Deb, I watch you learn and grow, and now accept your difficult times as lessons. SOO proud of you, my friend. Life is good, God is great, and He has awesome plans for you. The peace of respect, acceptance, and owning our own part of every "learning experience" :P is His gift to each of us. I'm always there, always the world's biggest sinner. Love ya, Deb!! 0:)

07/12/2014 12:45am

Such growth my friend!


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