Today started out around 1 am with me not being able to sleep and getting up and going to the computer.  reading a post from a friend that was in need of a volunteer to help out at her ranch because a tragic accident left her trainer unable to lead a summer camp.  Did I know how to do this? heck no, but willing to help and thankfully she had awesome volunteers and just needed one more hand.  I could not sleep the rest of the night but that seems to be fairly normal for me.  Yesterday I also started to break out into a rash on both forearms and legs.  Similar to in my early 20s and am thinking stress induced.  ICHY red rash and really not very attractive and quite annoying.  HOWEVER The morning went awesome with 10 kids, 10 horses and riding in the arena.  It was super fun for me to be working with kids again. :)   I was supposed to float the river with a couple good friends later this afternoon (I have yet to have done this and have lived here 20 plus years)... However I needed to address some construction issues at the ranch instead.  Prior to returning to the ranch met up with my good friend Marie and met her grandchildren.. TRUE blessings!... AND caught a sneak peek at the things transpiring at my old ranch.  I put such love into that ranch, it makes me sad... Tomorrow is Maries Book signing so message me, we'd love to see you! .. IT is HOT as all get out.. NO air in the apartment but will survive.  I had a GREAT day.. Athough this was a BIG day in changes that I will not go into only that 20 plus years of my life that I helped build ended today.  The duties of today kept me busy and my mind away from it.. Today is a huge huge day.  Bitter sweet ... 


Marie Timm
07/15/2014 9:01pm

Always good to see you. Thanks so much for stopping by and being a nice break in my one day of babysitting so my daughter could get away for an afternoon. Sometimes life feels like I'm a piece of leather being stretched out for another type of saddle. Am sure you feel that way right now. Try to relax a bit--the bling for the saddle comes last.

07/18/2014 2:25pm

such is a day in life :) I am not sure if it is my life or menopause but I am on the ride of my life and pretty sure I am going crazy most days.

07/09/2017 9:46am

I guess this post is all about a daily routine. I wake up at 6, open my eyes, praying and thanking God for another life. eat your breakfast, take a bath and leave for work. After the work, I will go home, eat, half bath, pray and sleep again. These were me..... 4 years ago now. Because there is something I added in my routine. I will come out from office at 5 and then go straight to Church for Service and Cell Group and then go home. It may be really a routine. But for me, it is my life. I am doing it because it becomes my passion and it brings me joy. Whatever your routine is all about, just do not forget to offer it to God. And it will be worth it.

07/24/2017 11:45am

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