After Five weeks I made the discovery that things are not all as they seem.  The proof is in the pudding... what exactly does that mean?.. Weird saying but see photos below Before,  and today after I cleaned them as they should be.. Disgusted at the misfortune extended to my animals..  INDEED I take FULL responsibility for NOT checking and not doing a follow up sooner as I should be able to trust that things would be done as promised.    I was concerned about my animals actually a week ago upon discovering the chickens with no water.. again this week no water.  Upon inspection of the ranch and "basic" 10 minuted duties I was dumbfounded.   PERHAPS my standards are too high?  BUT clean fresh water is pretty high on my priority for my animals.   I continue to try and help others as best I can.  This persons dog attacked my dog from day one.  Shredded the screen door and door moldings inside my brand new trailer, put animals at risk because she misrepresented her knowledge.   My animals suffered because of my poor choices trusting in someone that they would be responsible for free living space until June 20th after she pushed and pushed needing a place to stay.    Said person was promptly asked to leave after discovering the mess's,  duties not done.  Upon  which she's sent me several texts and is now doing some sort of bashing via FB.  All for opening my ranch to someone that "needed" a place to stay.  I'm trying very hard to learn from this and not have it step me back in my progress on mercy and the direction of this ranch.  Clearly there was some very clouded expectations on her part that she deserved to be here.   The animals - Pigs, goats and Donkeys are now back in their "home" area after having to be removed so they would not be chased and stressed... The ranch is almost back  to normal.. Well ok NOT...  you've seen the remodel right?  I truly wish this person all the best and will continue to pray for her to have guidance for her future. 
Psalm 145:9

The LORD is good to all, And His mercies are over all His works.



Linda Lynch
07/05/2014 9:59pm

I don't think that is asking too much. Don't ever lose your good heart!
Love you!

07/05/2014 11:10pm

Love you to Linda!.. I don't think I shall ever lose heart, but it does build trust issues. There is much more but all was forgiven of this person and I, and this ranch move onward in our direction and goals. For we are not to judge one another but to forgive and love in the image of God. The enemy sure wants to stop me this is very clear in the circumstances that have transpired over the past few weeks, but he cannot pick pocket me anymore :)

06/30/2017 10:53pm

I think this was just a way for you to learn your lesson from now on. You shouldn't have to trust someone immediately, especially if you're already feeling something bad about them. Nevertheless, I really admire you for handling this situation very professionally and formal. You really made the right decision here. I hope you continue to share your own thoughts and experience here with us.

Deborah Tutokey
07/06/2014 6:21pm

Is there a college that has a animal behavior dept. Maybe students from there would help? Sounds sad but I would do a background check on theses people. You have to much to lose frankly. I not trust. I would check everything sad to say.

07/06/2014 7:23pm

I was shocked at the state of things ..I am sure your animals are happy to see you back at the end of the hose filling the troughs, making sure they had plenty of clean water on these hot summer days


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