AND a few weeks later I'm all moved out of the main house and into my apartment which is right on property.  I had awesome help today with some movers taking on all the heavy large items.  I have only the kitchen left to move.   This place is looking mighty comfy and will be a nice way for me to reflect and study in a smaller space.  AS you see Wyatt after MUCH worry is right at home.. :)   I am relieved having the house empty and one more thing done.  THIS remodel is going to be simply amazing and I'm very excited in the direction!  


06/11/2014 4:06pm

I can see the pictures now :) your new little guest house space looks fabulous. Also very cozy, great for scary movie viewing ;) I recognize the horseshoe, boy that Claudia had BIG feet.

06/11/2014 4:47pm

Indeed it is cozy and I'm actually loving the space. It allows me greater time to dive into reading and other things I've not had the time to do.. Not saying I have much time with this remodel but Just sayin.. Yes a movie afternoon/evening is in order!.. Hide a bed awaits for a sleep over ;)

Robin West
06/13/2014 9:58pm

Your temp home looks warm and so inviting! Did you make the tall flowers next to your tv? They are beautiful!!!!!!


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