Some may know my journey others do not.. I started way WRONG in the horse world.  I can't really say totally wrong because I learned a ton for patience and also knowledge in the horse world and saved two horses from slaughter in the process.  What many do not know is it caused me anxiety, fear and a feeling of inadequacy that I to this day consistently battle.  Chico came into my life via some of my amazing friends to help me overcome some of that anxiety.  The two horses I started with who I LOVED dearly but should have never been placed with a novice I have re homed.  ONE I know of his owners.  The other I do not and have lost track sadly. BOTH taught me amazing patience, how to respect, confidence and FEAR!  ( LOL)  .  THOSE fears I have will most likely never go away.. I battle them in my mind every time I go to saddle up.  The ranch is now filled with FOUR beautiful horses all without issues and I've neglected them during a time in my life that has been overwhelmed and busy.  I'm pleased to say I see things changing :)   Yesterday I saddled up Chico .. Its been over a year.  HE was SO PROUD!.. He loves to be ridden.  It was amazing to be riding again.. I rode briefly then had a friend hop on.. He was loving it.. He took three passengers yesterday and you could see he enjoyed every moment.  EVEN when I cantered him in too tight of a circle coming out of it I lost my balance and fell off.. LOL...... Chico looked at me like What ya doing down there????  This might have scared me a couple of years ago.. I giggled and hopped back on ;)  ITS time to get back in the saddle........... THANK you friends for always your constant encouragement.  Without you I would not be where I am today...  HEADING off on a trail ride tomorrow!  FIRST one of 2014 ;)“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10



Linda Lynch
06/20/2014 11:57pm

What joy you must have felt once you started riding! I am so glad you are facing your fears. When I think of my dear friend Deb, fear doesn't even enter the picture! I am going to think of you tomorrow having a joyous trail ride. You do Chico proud! God is awesome!

06/21/2014 11:24am

GOD is Awesome and truly amazing. I'm so very blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life. Fear, yes my dear... Sometimes I mask it well ;) yet I've found in this past year that letting go and trusting in our Lord gives us freedom .. What a beautiful thing.

Dianne Patent
06/21/2014 8:50am

I didn't realize you weren't riding. Always be yourself Deb other people in your life will respect it or if they don't care enough they will leave. This is why I fish and Larry follows me around as I continue to work. We both care enough to be sure the other is happy. We love you.

06/21/2014 11:22am

Thanks Dianne I love you too. I've been riding only short arena rides since last summer. Today is my first outing :) Chico had some health issues but is ready to ride and I'm excited because he is my "safe" horse who has helped build my confidence. I SO admire you and Larry and your entire beautiful family. Looking forward to getting together soon :) Come see the destruction at the ranch!

06/21/2014 10:17pm

I miss you and so loved seeing you, lets three have lunch or something!!!
sher todd

06/21/2014 10:15pm

deb, you are amazing and I am so thankful to see your love and growth in the LORD WOW gril that is the most amazing thing. I agree you show no fear at all and have always been so amazing and full of positive life. look at what you have done!!!! wow it is an amazing feet all you do and take care of.
Have you been to healling riens, what a cool place in what they do for people.
you still need to have dinner at my place soon!
I love you....sher 702-481-5649


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