Such an amazing day today.. AS you know I love my animals so very much.. And have made some very hard decisions to sell and adopt some of them.. I've been very fortunate in finding great homes for them .. ROSE in particular with rehoming to Washington.  Rick is amazing and I'm so happy to have met him and have Rose under his kind heart .   Yesterday Rose gave birth FINALLY!!  to a beautiful little bull calf out of Cowboy.  CONGRATULATIONS Rick!  Thank you so MUCH for sharing.  Makes me so happy.  This week is very hard for me but I've also been shown SO MANY blessings with friends, thru the  word and GOD and NEW life..  Giggling here as I wont throw in the stress of this remodel at this time.. We'll go into that at a later date as although stressful its keeping me quite busy .  ALL GOOD things!.. Joyous inside.  Blessings and Happy Wednesday.  



Marie Timm
06/11/2014 9:19pm

You are doing so well. Walking over rocks and rough places hanging on to Jesus. Heading for the higher ground. Don't look back or be distracted. The Views are coming. Remember the first word in your ranch name is Faith. Cheering you on!

Rick Bailey
06/11/2014 10:13pm

Deb! I will say I feel happy and blessed to have met you and to call you my friend! Words can't describe this chapter with rose in my herd, I feel very fortunate.

06/11/2014 10:22pm

Makes me happy Rick.. SO HAPPY!..

06/12/2014 11:11pm


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