Today I had mega amounts to do as usual.   Just like all of us life seems to speed by us.  Rayni and I have tried to plan this a few times and always I've had to cancel because of "things"  Today NO way was I going to miss it and am so happy I chose priorities(relationship) over "necessities".. I can deal with necessities tonight and tomorrow.  :)  Rayni is my pet sitter who I met a few years back as she went to school at St Francis with my son Cole.  She's not been on a horse in 10 plus years .   She and Chico both did amazing and I LOVED seeing the joy and happiness.  I truly LOVE being able to share my animals and have missed doing this over the past couple of years.. ITS time I get my GROOVE back and priorities straight.  I have many gifts to share and am moving forward on developing those gifts and opening them up to others.  Hebrews 13:16
And do not neglect doing good and sharing; for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Rayni gave me so much more back today than she knows simply by sharing my animals with her.    LIFE is AWESOME! 



06/27/2014 3:55pm

I know this feeling it brings much joy, the smiles on your faces say it all :)

06/27/2014 4:05pm

I know you do Tiff.. Thank you.. AND I see you progress as well! LETS DO THIS! :) Love you my friend


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