What an amazing rider!  This was my first time attending a show like this.  Taylor came away with several ribbons and Champion!  What a blessing to have been able to attend and watch this amazing girl in action doing something she loves!  Congratulations Taylor!



09/08/2016 12:45am

That was really amazing horse show to be watched. Taylor has preformed her best skill in riding that horse over those ribbons and becoming champion of the show. It great treat to watch that show. I must say thanks to son who has forced me to take him to that show.


Taylor was simply amazing! I told you in your past blog that she will not fail you, and she has kept that promise. I am so glad to know you've won. Looking at the photos, I couldn't help but to be proud for the both of you. It was a combined effort, and I love how you have managed to win a very tough competition. There's more ahead of you!


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